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How Tossin Pizza Started?

By Harsh Chopra

From families gathering for a night out to friends catching up over a slice of pizza, Tossin Pizza is a place that brings people together to enjoy the yummiest bites and create unforgettable memories. The food chain has become a reliable and iconic name for pizza enthusiasts all over India. The genuine investments in all its ingredients, whether it be in the form of its toppings, signature sauces, or fresh dough, is what knots the trust among its customers. But, how did the journey start? Let us get straight to it!

The Beginning of Tossin Pizza

Beginning of Tossin Pizza

Inspired by a story, Tossin Pizza is a clear vision of a duo offering the finest Italian cuisines and an unforgettable pizza experience to the Indian palate. It all started in 2013, when Chef Rohit Narang and his cousin Honey Mehta returned to their home country, India, after spending years following their culinary aspirations in Australia. 

They passionately held the view of using the freshest and premium quality ingredients to prepare the best pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and more. With this sole aim, Tossin Pizza appeared as an outcome in Gurgaon’s popular Galleria Market in October, which initially operated as a modest takeaway eatery and its commanding menu of mouth-watering pizzas soon become hot fare. 

The journey, however, did not end there. Another family cousin, Niraj Khatter quit his corporate job in the travel industry and joined the duo soon to strengthen the root. He came up with a valuable skill set with his vast knowledge of customer demands and preferences, which benefited them in streamlining operations and catering to their customer’s needs and demands. Years later, a business partner and friend, Abhishek Azad accompanied the team as a fourth partner and contributed his in-depth expertise in restaurant equipment and operations.

The four brothers combined their passion for food and continue to craft freshly-baked pizzas with top-quality ingredients. 

Expansion of Tossin Pizza Across India

Tossin Pizza Across India

With escalating popularity in Gurgaon, the founders of Tossin Pizza thought to broaden their verticals in other cities in India. As a result, they opened new outlets in Delhi, Noida, and various other cities with an unfailing focus on serving their customers with best pizzas. They keep experimenting with different toppings, crusts, flavors, and varieties to leave no stone unturned in serving changing needs of their customers. The firm commitment to quality and innovation of Tossin Pizza paid off when it counted as one of the Best Pizza Chains in India.

Popular cities where Tossin Pizza has made its mark:

  • Gurgaon
  • Delhi
  • Noida
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Pune

Final Words

Serving piping hot pizzas since inception, Tossin Pizza understands that the pleasant aroma of a freshly baked pizza cannot be matched by any cold delivery box pizza. The success of the business may be attributed to the founders’ entire focus on quality, creativity, and unwavering dedication to forming a unique approach to making one-of-a-kind pizzas. The eatery has rapidly risen to become one of the most renowned and trusted pizza chains in India.