This place have the best pizza who have ever tasted . try there Peri Peri chucked pizza . it is AWESOME.......just try once , Rohit the owner and the head chef suggest you the best... Stop wasting money in dominos and pizza hut...

Absolutely authentic pizzas with generosity of produces quite evident. Rohit, the owner made the pizzas for us, and honestly, did a darn neat job, along with keeping us engaged with his chit chat. We had the 'meat lovers' and 'peri peri chicken' half-n-half pizza. For appetizers, we had the garlic herb squares. But the icing on the cake was the 'hazelnut nutella calzone'- a pure delight to finish off your authentic Italian meal with!

Rated There is a new pizza outlet in town and its quality is streets ahead of the rest. Welcome, CRUSTY My first order was a delivery. My order was for a 15" pesto chicken and chicken boscaiola .. They delivered within 40 minutes as promised. . The salad is a welcome addition. What really steals the show in this meal is the pizza, . The crust is superbly baked and reminds you of how a great pizza crust should be like. The pizza sauce they use is something truly special, it has a mild flavor and enhances the taste of the veggies. The recipe remains a secret though. The pizza is well decked with lettuce, baby corns, ,mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. The beauty of it all is that you can get the flavor of each despite having such a waste array of toppings – and believe me the toppings are special. The grilled baby corn in particular deserves special mention – for never before has a baby corn tasted so good in a pizza. Add to that, they serve the most extraordinary set of oregano seasonings and chilli flakes you will ever have in a pizza.