About Us

A journey lead by the passion for food began six years back, but this is the right time to celebrate Rohit Narang’s dream which really had been with him since he was a little boy. ‘Tossin Gourmet Pizzas’ was started after a lot of hard work put in by Narang and his partner-in-crime Honey Mehta in 2013. But it has it’s ups and downs for a great success story which shouldn’t go unheard. Since he was a young boy, Narang was fond of cooking. “I used cook often and role play as the Head Chef at home”, he recalls, “and sometimes would never let my mother cook.”

As time flew, things changed but the vision of cooking never separated itself from Narang’s personality. As a result, he moved to Australia in order to pursue his passion professionally, studying for a hotel management degree. The rich culture of food and restaurants that Australia entails, Narang worked with some of the best names in their restaurant industry- one of them being Hilton- which he did pursue to their end. But he felt a void and the dream to have something of his own persisted. So he planned to open a food truck in Australia, but the model did not turn out to be a suitable one. But Narang was not let down thing, it provided him with a greater impetus to give shape to his vision back home.

A dedicated year and a half was invested by Narang and co-founder Mehta to give birth to ‘Tossin Gourmet Pizzas’. After various considerations, the two restaurateurs came to a consensus of setting up their first joint at Galleria Market in Gurgaon. Looking back at the initial days of Tossin, Narang recalls how he and Mehta used to wait for hours for customers. Of course, giving up was out of the question now. Soon Tossin gained its own customer base in and around Gurgaon. Tossin has won awards like "Half Pizza Marathon" and "Best Pizza in Gurgaon" and gained appreciation across food critics and restaurant industry gurus.

The journey continues, but a humble Narang credits their achievements to their regular customers and fans who believed in them, and most of all, in their vision of ‘Tossin’.